Sunday, April 15, 2018

BMC 2018

Tuesday, April 7, 1829 was the day Oliver Cowdery began writing for Joseph Smith as the Prophet's scribe in Harmony, Pennsylvania. We celebrated this historic day by convening the BMC 2018 Book of Mormon Conference on Saturday, April 7, 2018 in the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah. It was the 15th annual Book of Mormon Conference sponsored by Book of Mormon Central (BMC) or Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum (BMAF) which merged into BMC in 2016.
BMC 2018 Book of Mormon Conference Flyer
570 people attended the all-day event and heard 10 presentations by outstanding Book of Mormon scholars including:
  • BMC editor Nicole Shepard, Spanish digital media publisher Benji Monroy, and researcher/writer Jonathon Riley who reviewed the past year of BMC accomplishments
  • BMC researcher/writer Matt Roper and statistician Paul Fields who shared the light the science of stylometry sheds on the Book of Mormon as composite literature 
  • BYU Ancient Scripture faculty member Mark Wright who discussed Mesoamerican ecology and cosmology that show up in the Book of Mormon text
  • LDS product manager Rob Jex who gave a sneak preview of the upcoming LDS Book of Mormon videos
  • LDS author and educator John Bytheway who explored the Book of Mormon through the lens of gardens and gardeners
  • BMC researcher/writer Neal Rappleye, product manager Jasmin Gimenez, and archivist  Jared Riddick who presented a workshop on how to study the scriptures using BMC resources
  • BYU Law faculty member John W. Welch who discussed the significance of April 7th in the historical sequence of events leading up to the miraculous Book of Mormon translation
  • BYU Church History faculty member Gerrit Dirkmaat who explained little-known details about multiple printers Joseph Smith approached hoping they would print the Book of Mormon
  • BYU Ancient Scripture faculty member Jo Ann Seely who illustrated and described life in Jerusalem in Lehi's day
  • BYU Ancient Scripture faculty member Tyler Griffin who showed the impressive internal consistency one finds in the study of several hundred Book of Mormon geographic referents
BMC 2018 Crowd Listening to Matt Roper and Paul Fields
Photo Courtesy Deseret News
Attendees also got to experience the world of the Book of Mormon via:
  • a set of doubled, witnessed, and sealed ancient Roman metal plates
  • replica Roman crucifixion nails
  • replicas of the golden plates, urim and thummim, breastplate, Liahona, and sword of Laban
  • replicas of the wooden box Joseph used to store the plates, and Joseph and Hyrum's death masks
  • a wonderful art gallery
  • a Bedouin goat-hair tent
  • virtual reality displays of the Tabernacle in the wilderness and Herod's Temple
  • virtual reality displays of stylometric patterns employed by Book of Mormon authors
  • a replica of E.B. Grandin's printing press
  • a replica of the breastplate worn by the High Priest in ancient Israel
Brent Bird Examining Dave Baird's
Replica of the Golden Plates
Photo Courtesy Deseret News
Elder Clate W. and Sister Carol Mask received the 2018 Father Lehi and Mother Sariah Award for lifetime service to the Book of Mormon and the posterity of Lehi and Sariah. Recipients of this award include:
  • 2003 Dale T. Tingey
  • 2005 Juan O'Donnell
  • 2006 Bruce W. Warren
  • 2007 Elder Robert E. and Sister Helen Wells
  • 2008 Elder Ted E. and Sister Dorothy Brewerton
  • 2009 John L. and Helen Sorenson
  • 2010 Hugh W. (posthumous) and Phyllis Nibley
  • 2011 Joesph L. and Rhoda Allen
  • 2012 F. Richard and Laura Hauck
  • 2013 V. Garth and Cheryl Norman
  • 2014 Stephen L. (posthumous) and Ruth Carr
  • 2016 Richard K. and Helen Miner
  • 2017 John W. and Jeannie Welch
  • 2018 Elder Clate W. and Sister Carol Mask 
Elder Clate W. and Sister Carol Mask at BMC 2018
Photo Courtesy Deseret News
Media coverage included a great article by Trent Toone that appeared in the digital Deseret News on Monday, April 9 and in the print edition (Mormon Times) on Thursday, April 12.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Gerrit Walter Gong

The Saturday Morning Session of the April 2018 General Conference just concluded. Along with millions of others, I had the distinct privilege of sustaining not just Russel Marion Nelson, Sr. as Prophet, Seer, and Revelator but also Gerrit Walter Gong and Ulisses Soares as new Apostles in the Quorum of the Twelve. I have been friends with Elder Gong since we entered BYU together in 1971 and know something of his sterling character. Cream rises. A finer man does not walk the earth. We as Latter-day Saints will be blessed to have such a capable, gentle servant helping direct the affairs of the Kingdom and bearing witness of our risen Lord in all the world.
Elder Gerrit W. Gong, LDS Newsroom
Biologically Elder Gong is Chinese. Culturally he is a Californian who grew up in Palo Alto, hiked the Sierra Nevada, attended BYU, served a mission in Taiwan, and then read at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Professionally he is a diplomat. He was the number two man in the US Embassy in Beijing when the Tienanmen Square uprising broke out in 1989. He headed the Asia Desk at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, CSIS. He ran BYU's Office of Planning and Assessment under President Cecil O. Samuelson. As a General Authority he was President of the Asia Area, then one of the Seven Presidents of the Seventy.

Elder Gong's father, Walter A. Gong (1922 - 2000), earned a Ph.D. from Stanford and taught science at San Jose State. Gerrit de Jong Jr. (1892 - 1978) for whom the de Jong Concert Hall at BYU is named, was a family friend and mentor. The "Gerrit Walter" in Elder Gong's name honors both men. Elder Gong's younger brother, Brian, has made an East Coast-based career in education assessment. His younger sister, Marguerite Hancock, left a career at Stanford and helps direct the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Just before Christmas, 1971, Gerrit and Brian joined my American Fork High School friend, Bruce McDaniel, and myself on a trip up American Fork Canyon to see the snow. We got my car stuck in the high country and it took us several hours of tough work to free the vehicle. It was almost midnight when we finally returned to Bruce's home in Alpine. Gerrit and Brian's parents, Walter and Jean, had been nervously waiting at the McDaniel home since 10:00 pm. Bro. Gong was not at all interested in our tale of heroic adventure. He grilled his sons on why they had broken their promise to be home by 8:30 pm. It was clear a promise to parents in the Gong home was a matter of some import.
In early 1972, Gerrit Gong, Paul Cox, about a dozen others, and myself had the pleasure of meeting Elder Gordon B. Hinckley (1910 - 2008) in an intimate setting on BYU campus. As the gathering ended, Gerrit, Paul, and I walked with Elder Hinckley, then an Apostle, to his car [a Rambler Ambassador purchased in honor of Mitt's father, George W. Romney (1907 - 1995)] in the parking lot. We remarked on the singularity of our experience being in the presence of one of the Lord's anointed.

A few weeks later Gerrit asked if he could come to work with me on a Saturday. I installed finish hardware in newly-constructed residential housing units in north Utah County. Although a highly-productive and disciplined scholar, he had never worked for wages at a typical job and was anxious for that experience. I helped him install shower and closet rods, medicine cabinets, doorstops, and door handles. At the end of a fun day together, I gave him a normal day's pay in cash. We went caving together and participated in some of the hi jinks (showing off for older coeds) that were routine at BYU in the early '70's.  

In mid 1972, Gerrit, Paul, and I had finished our freshman year at the Y and were contemplating missions. We took Bruce McDaniel and spent two weeks on Washington's Olympic Peninsula backpacking through the temperate rain forest and hiking the wilderness beach. One day amid glorious natural splendor we never got out of our sleeping bags. The four of us spent all day reading the Book of Mormon and discussing our philosophies of life. We took a box of missionary copies of the Book of Mormon on that trip and handed them out to people we met along the way including fellow campers, toll booth attendants, and a family in Port Angeles, WA who put us up for the night after we damaged our vehicle helping evacuate an injured Boy Scout. Elder Gong and Paul Cox spoke at my missionary farewell and the four of us all went on to terrific missions - Bruce in Missouri, Paul in Samoa (Paul's incredible experience was described in a lengthy article in Southwest Airline's September, 2016 in flight magazine), Gerrit in Taiwan, and myself in Peru.

After returning home, Elder Gong gave a number of fireside presentations about his mission and his new-found appreciation for ancient Chinese culture. His mission was not easy because he looked Chinese but was not a native speaker. His presentations centered around the concept of "filial piety" or honor for one's forebears. Ancestry was also the subject of his memorable first talk in General Conference as a newly-called General Authority in October, 2010.

I hosted Gerrit, his mother, and his sister at a performance of American Fork's Pageant of the Arts, a local adaptation of Laguna Beach's famed Pageant of the Masters that was a cultural icon in Utah County during the 1970's and '80's.

Gerrit Gong is an avid photographer and seasoned negotiator. Both skills came in handy as he helped me purchase the Pentax camera I took on my mission. In early 1976 he spent a weekend in Vernal, UT taking Shannon's and my pre-wedding photos. On the way home he was driving my yellow VW bug and we slid on an icy spot in Daniel's Canyon which nearly sent us hurtling headlong down the embankment into Daniel's Creek below. After that scare, we pulled off to the side of the road and offered a prayer thanking our Father in Heaven for protecting us. Elder Gong took our wedding photos on the Salt Lake Temple grounds and the candids at our reception that evening.
Shannon and Kirk by my VW Bug
1976 Photo by Elder Gerrit W. Gong
Elder Gong married Susan Lindsay, daughter of Richard P. (1926 - 2010) and Marian Lindsay, in 1980. We enjoyed their reception in the Lion House on Temple Square. Susan's father served in the Second Quorum of Seventy from 1989 - 1994. Susan's brother, Bruce, was a popular news anchor on KSL TV before his 2012 call to preside over the Australia Perth Mission. Gerrit and Susan have four accomplished children.

I visited Gongs and went to church with them while they were living in McLean, VA. We had lunch together at BYU while he was serving on Pres. Samuelson's staff. Shannon and I spent an evening with Elder and Sister Gong just after his call to the First Quorum of Seventy while they were still living in the Abraham O. Smoot (1815 - 1895) farm home on the Provo bench. In 2011 while I was serving as Bishop of the BYU 172nd Ward, Elder and Sister Gong visited us and spent the three hours getting to know the wonderful married couples in our ward. He asks probing questions and listens with genuine interest. He is probably the most cerebral of the General Authorities (Ph.D. from Oxford) but he does not wear his formidable intellectual prowess on his lapel and he respects everyone around him regardless of their station in life.    

Cream rises. A finer man does not walk the earth. We as LDS will be blessed through Elder Gong's apostolic ministry. And Pres. Nelson, no stranger to the Chinese people, could hardly have a better right hand man on all matters Asian.

For a similar 2015 take on Elder Gong, see the blog article "New Apostles."

- Kirk Magleby, volunteer Executive Director of Book of Mormon Central, the premiere source for reliable Book of Mormon enrichment material in English and Spanish.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Best Evidences Video to Date

The Book of Mormon Central YouTube Channel called "BMC Studios" has some terrific videos highlighting powerful evidences of Book of Mormon authenticity. The video on internal complexity posted today may be the best yet. Kwaku El, a promising young LDS actor, goes through a long list of impressive literary and contextual features with such rapid-fire delivery one gets the feeling he or she is only seeing the tip of the iceberg, which is literally correct. This video introduces some of the great work LDS scholars have done since the early 1950's and the sum of the parts is simply exhilarating, portending very good things to come as many of these topics will receive fuller treatment from the talented Book of Mormon Central video team in the future.

The blog article entitled "Watch: Evidence of the Book of Mormon: Internal Complexity" lists 108 linked sources in 27 topical categories for those who wish to go behind the scenes and understand this material in some depth.

If you liked this video, here is another of my recent favorites: "The Knot at the End of My Faith Rope" posted in the original Book of Mormon Central YouTube Channel.

- Kirk Magleby, volunteer executive director of Book of Mormon Central, the premiere source for reliable Book of Mormon enrichment material in English and Spanish.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Experience the Book of Mormon at BMC 2018

On Saturday, April 7, 2018 perhaps the finest Book of Mormon Conference ever produced will be held at the Utah Valley Convention Center on Center Street in Provo, Utah. Approximately 500 attendees will use all five senses to engage the Nephite sacred text in profound new ways at an event entitled "Experience the Book of Mormon." As with all images on this blog, click to enlarge.
Book of Mormon Central Conference 2018
The $35 registration fee ($25 for students and CES employees) includes lunch. Register here.
More information here.

At the conference, the winners of the BMC 2018 art contest will be announced and some of their pieces will be on display. The Father Lehi and Mother Sariah Award this year will be given to Emeritus General Authority Elder Clate W. and Sister Carol Mask. Both served in the Central American Mission. After a career in CES, they presided over the Spain Barcelona Mission, served in the Second Quorum of Seventy, and presided over the Guatemala City Temple 2009 - 2012 when it was among the busiest in the Church.
Elder and Sister Mask LDS Church News Photo
Elder and Sister Mask have been life-long students and teachers of the Book of Mormon as well as caring ministers to the posterity of Lehi and Sariah.

Every wonder what Lehi's tent in the Arabian wilderness was like? You will have the chance to go inside a genuine Bedouin goat hair tent from the Middle East that is probably very similar to the one Lehi would have used.

Curious about the new videos on the Book of Mormon the Church will be releasing soon? Rob Jex who is part of the Church production team will give us all a sneak preview.

What would happen if a world-class comic book artist drew a graphic novel edition of the Book of Mormon? Come find out.

Want to own an 1830 edition but don't have the $100k or more it would take to purchase one from a rare book dealer? You can take home a copy of the remarkable replica "Palmyra Edition" that for most of us is a very good approximation of the original.

Come be fed temporally and spiritually. Is there a better way to spend the Saturday after General Conference than immersed in the Book of Mormon?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Faith Rope Knot

In my opinion, every person in the Church would do well to watch this 1 minute 29 second video: How the Book of Mormon Can Save Testimonies.

In the video, Lynn McMurray, former Mission President in Tonga and former Bishop in a YSA ward, shares a powerful object lesson about one role the Book of Mormon plays in our faith lives.

- Kirk Magleby, volunteer executive director of Book of Mormon Central, the premiere source for reliable Book of Mormon enrichment material in English and Spanish.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Grand Unifying Theory

Physicists, Biologists, and other scientists seek a "grand unifying theory" in their discipline to explain the big picture and fit disparate parts into a coherent whole. There may be a grand unifying theory linking the Book of Mormon with its ancient Mesoamerican setting.

G1 of the Palenque triad is likely the same deity as Central Mexico's Quetzalcoatl. George and David Stuart, Palenque Eternal City of the Maya (New York: Thames and Hudson, 2008) p. 212 and note 21.

G1 of the Palenque triad is likely the same demigod-deity as Hunahpu, the elder of the hero twins in the Popol Vuh. Floyd G. Lounsbury, "The Identities of the Mythological Figures in the Cross Goup Inscriptions of Palenque," Mesoweb, 1985; Linda Schildkraut, "The Hero Twins in Veracruz," FAMSI; Carolyn Tate, Yaxchilan: The Design of a Maya Ceremonial City (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1992).

G1 of the Palenque triad is likely a classic Maya instance of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon. See the article "Palenque."

If these relationships are true, they form a grand unifying theory that explains many things in ancient Mesoamerica and in the Book of Mormon.

For example, it explains why both Popol Vuh and Book of Mormon iconographic elements appear on Izapa Stela 25. See the article "Art and Iconography 2."

Ditto both Popol Vuh and Book of Mormon iconographic elements on Izapa Stela 5. See the article "Art and Iconography 4."

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Refugee Pageant

What would you do if the Book of Mormon was not yet available in your native language? You would stage a pageant so the powerful messages in this divine book could communicate to your family and friends.

That is precisely the situation the Karen and Karenni Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake's Columbus Branch find themselves in. Refugees from Burma (Myanmar), they have come to Utah and joined the Church, but the Book of Mormon has not been translated into either Karen or Karenni so not all of their family members and friends have access to it.

Enter humanitarians Bob and Susan Roylance who have been working with the Columbus Branch for so many years some of their neighbors in Murray hardly know them. See the article "Refugee Eagle Scouts" for background on the Roylances. Their family non-profit is called "Welcome Hand" which provides a variety of services to the Utah refugee community.

Years ago, Susan authored a Book of Mormon pageant called "Mormon Speaks." It has been produced several times, but not in the last 20 years. She recently received the impression that she was to produce it again, casting Columbus Branch members in most of the roles. And that is how "Mormon Speaks" came to be scheduled for Thursday, June 7, 2018 through Saturday, June 9, 2018 in the Murray High School Auditorium, 5440 South State Street in Murray, Utah. General admission tickets are $5 and you can click on this link to purchase them on Eventbrite.
Book of Mormon Pageant June 7, 8, 9, 2018
Click on this link to download a single page PDF flyer for printing or sharing.

Bob and Susan's leadership will ensure good production values, but the real joy of this pageant will not be the impressive scenery, costumes, lighting, or props. It will be the spirit of wonderful Latter-day Saints, many of them recently-baptized, portraying the epic Book of Mormon story on stage for people they love.